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Throughout the Modern Combat series achievements are featured. Achievements are specific objectives that when completed, add points and XP to your Gameloft LIVE! account. This is a list of achievements in Modern Combat 4.

Breaking The IceEdit

Get the 1st kill in a multiplayer game

World TourEdit

Win once on every map

Lucky StreakEdit

Win 5 multiplayer matches in a row

Finders KeepersEdit

Win a Manhunt game by scoring every point for your team

Hips of SteelEdit

Win a Battle game without ever going into iron sight


Win a Zone Control match without conceding one point


Win a VIP match without ever killing the enemy VIP


Kill 20 enemies in a row without dying


Capture all flags in Capture The Flag.


Finish first in a multiplayer match of 10 players or more

Bull's EyeEdit

Perform 100 headshots

Eagle EyeEdit

Perform 500 headshots

Dragon EyeEdit

Perform 1000 headshots


Kill two enemies with a single rocket

Athletic TrainingEdit

Jump over 20 obstacles in the same game

Aim TrainingEdit

Finish a match with a headshot ratio of over 50%

Teamwork TrainingEdit

Get 10 assists in one match

Like A TankEdit

Suffer over 1000 fall damage

Depeche ModeEdit

Play a match in every mode

The White DeathEdit

Perform 15 headshots

That Was Just LuckEdit

Damage two enemies with the same bullet

Splash DamageEdit

Kill 3 enemies with the same grenade


Reach level 50

Universal MigratorEdit

Purchase the Paragon perk for each class


Cook a grenade for 2 seconds and throw without dying


Kill an enemy with a throwing knife's ricochet

Furiously FastEdit

Win a game in less than 2 minutes

Death from AboveEdit

Kill a player while stunned from falling down


Win a Battle match without firing a bullet (knives and grenades are ok)

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