Version Official description Release date Notes
1.0.0 Initial release October 25, 2011
1.1.0 Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation just got better!

New content

  • Added new equipment and a new skill (Stabilizer and Privilege)
  • Added option to disable 'auto center camera'

Online stability

  • XP loss and progress rollback have been addressed
  • Measures in place to eliminate cheating
  • Search match lobby doesn't refresh as much
  • Fixed several crashes and connection loss issues


  • XP and Credit rewards have been increased
  • OPS55 and ACM have been rebalanced
  • Iron Sights view has been improved
  • Military support has been redefined - cooldowns and limits per match to reduce exploits
  • Airstrikes have been improved
  • Balanced accuracy of hip firing
  • Sensitivity increased
  • Recoil has been rebalanced

Various bug fixing

  • Fixed issue with teleporting respawns
  • Reordered priorities when customizing player HUD
  • Invite/Join friend feature is now fully functional
  • Fixed collision issues
  • Offline stats appear correctly
  • Bug when attempting to join a full game have been fixed
  • Fixed a bug where C4 detonator was missing
  • Silencers and Flash hiders have been fixed
February 23, 2012
1.1.3 This new version is only for new players. Existing players updating to this new version will be able to play the game, but will lose their progress. If you already have the game installed on your device, we advise you not to update to this new version. August 13, 2013 (Android only)
1.1.4g Support for Android Lollipop

Various bugs fixed

November 7, 2014 Resolved the Android 4.4 crash bug

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