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The Micro-Turret is a turret in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

Micro‑Turret   Stun Turret   Assault Turret   Sniper Turret   Rocket Turret   Shoulder Gun   Shotgun Turret   Seeker    
Cost20 Units

The Micro-Turret is the Tier 1 secondary weapon for the Sapper class. It is a small turret which fires a stream of low-caliber bullets at nearby opponents - dealing light damage. However, two Micro-Turrets can be placed on the map at a time, and the turret's small size makes it more difficult to detect than the larger turrets.

Micro-turrets' spray of bullets can be useful at slowing down and harassing nearby enemies, though their low damage and lack of armor penetration make it difficult for them to kill uninjured opponents without support.

  • Small size can make it difficult to detect
  • Steady stream of bullets can hinder opponents' movement speed
  • Low deployment cost
  • 2 turrets can be deployed at once
  • Very low damage
  • Fairly low range
  • No armor penetration

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