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AppearancesModern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
RankPrivate First Class
AffiliationsAnvil 1
Gender♂ Male

Mendoza is a soldier who appears in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

Operation BlockbusterEdit

> Main article: 01: Operation Blockbuster.

PFC Mendoza is first seen being guarded by Pvt. Torres, as he was wounded in action from unknown circumstances. He is only seen lying on the ground near Torres, gripping his leg, likely the sight of his injury. Cpl. Walker and Cpt. Turner find them, and kill the K.P.R. soldiers near them, and collapses the skyway near them on a tank. The other Anvil soldiers leave him and Torres to get extracted. He survives his injury after that.


> Main article: 02: Sacrifice.

Mendoza was one of the few Anvil 1 soldiers who were part of several fireteams deployed to destroy several bridges to stop the K.P.R. from progressing through the US. He detonated the C4 charges on a bridge that was planted by his team.

Thunder HillEdit

> Main article: 03: Thunder Hill.

In Thunder Hill he accompanies Walker and a tank in Mount Lee. After they are bombarded by mortar fire, he and Walker regroup with Sgt. Hall and Cpt. Turner. The group seperates with Turner and Walker leaving. Later near the end of the Mission he regroups with Turner and Walker in a firefight against KPR Soldiers causing Hall to get killed.

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  • He has Mexican ethnicity and makes a lot of Spanish remarks such as 'Carajo..', 'Hijo de puta!' and 'Vaya con dios' which respectively means 'F*ck..', 'Son of a b*tch!' and 'God be with you'.

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