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Malone Portrait
AppearancesModern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
StatusKilled in action
AffiliationsUnited States Army

Malone was a soldier serving under Anvil 1.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

Operation BlockbusterEdit

Private Malone was assigned to Anvil 1 at a unknown date. He is first seen with PFC Bailey firing at KPR forces hiding out at a theater. Once Anvil 1 clears the area, Cpt. Turner directs Malone and the others to move into the theat er. They move through the hall, eventually leading to an exit toward the back. Malone waits for orders with Bailey and Cpl. Walker while Cpt. Turner is in negotiation with Alpha 6 to get evacuated.


Once Cpt. Turner gets the "okay" to clear the area for extraction, Malone is ordered to kick open the doors. When he does, he is immediately shot down by numerous KPR forces.

Gallery Edit


  • He only has one line through his duration, which was "Taking heavy fire!"
  • "Malone" is the last name of Jason Malone, the protagonist of Gangstar Vegas, another Gameloft Montreal title.

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