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The MSG 33 is a handgun in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutEdit

MSG 33   Mek R3   Luks‑MK2   Hawk‑13   Ratog   FHG 14   Mrager   Judgment   T.O.N.I.    
MSG 33
MC5-MSG 33
Likely based onSIG Sauer P226
Magazine size8 - 9 - 10
Fire modeSemi-automatic
MC5-MSG 33-hud

The MSG 33 is the first handgun in Modern Combat 5: Blackout to be unlocked. In terms of damage, the MSG 33 sits at the lower end of the damage scale. The clip size of the MSG 33 is also quite low, however, the swift reload mitigates this somewhat, and the Extended magazine attachment will give the MSG a much-needed magazine size increase. The damage of the MSG also drops off severely as the range increases, making the weapon ineffective at longer ranges.

The MSG 33 does boast the highest rate of fire in class, tied with the Luks-MK2. It also has very high mobility and handling, making it a well-rounded last-resort weapon.

  • High fire rate
  • Favorable handling and mobility
  • Very low damage
  • No armor penetration
  • Low clip size by default
  • Short effective range


Trivia Edit

  • The bullet in the magazine is in 3D.

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