Icon Assassin Assassin
WeaponKA-NIP 22
Alternate actionAim down sights

MI-NU is one of the twelve Agents in Modern Combat Versus. Her class is Asassin. She is a a basic agent along with Lock, Kan,Tower and Swift. As an assassin she is high damage, good accuracy but low health. A good reason to use her is her fast feet. she moves fast with her sub-machine gun and her ability is designed to out-run the opponent.

Ability Edit

Mi-Nu's upcomming skin

MI-NU's ability is speed link. The ability cost three energy to use. You know you have activated it when the screen turns a bright shade of pink. The ability allows her to move at much faster speeds than before. The ability lasts about 7 seconds.

Uses: (1) Zoom in the the area and get some damage on the enemy team. (2) Get to the main zone first. (3) Run away from an agent who is stronger than you. (4) run away if you have low health. Edit


MI-NU was a model for Korp before she became an agent. She would spread the Korp propaganda by putting up a fake smile in front of the camera and praising Korp but off-camera MI-NU was kept locked inside her room.

So, she trained and improved her agility and honed her combat skills and broke free. Korp declared her kidnapped. She knew that she was the most recognisable face ,so, she couldn't roam around with her face and not be recognised but before she could do anything to her face someone told her that the kind of cuteness that she had could be more useful than she thought and so she became an agent.

But, Korp began to bribe her. They gave her money to come back, but she already changed her mind and set her goals as her new self.


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