Icon Assassin Assassin
UnlockedPlaying 3 consecutive days
WeaponKA-NIP 22
AbilityMi-Nu-ability Speed Link
Alternate actionAim Down Sghts

Background Edit

"Shhh! Don't tell anyone -- but I used to be a KORP spokesmodel! I kept the masses happy with strategic winks, well-placed giggles, and a couple of adorable shoulder shrugs. Easy, right? I single-handedly sold the Korp brand, making oppression cute AND consumable -- proving that youth and good looks are the ultimate brainwashing tools! But stardom came with a way bigger price: my freedom." -Mi-Nu

Description Edit

Mi-Nu is one of the sixteen Agents in Modern Combat Versus. As an assassin, Mi-Nu is naturally mobile, her weapon sports high damage and accuracy, but she has low health, essentially making her a glass cannon. However, her special ability, Speed Link, acts as a good compensation for her low health pool.

The messaging behind this character is that she is an #AgentofSpeed. She is a young fighter with high energy and an addiction to the latest social media trends. Utilizing her speed, her goal in combat is to overwhelm and defeat before you have time to work out what is going on. Creators' inspiration here was a bit playful. Drawing on Japanese “kawaii” culture the goal was to make her energetic and a breath of fresh air in contrast to the more serious members of the game’s diverse cast. Not that that diminishes her at all – her brash playful style serve to be as much a strength in combat as the stoicism of the veterans. The variety and color she brings both vibrant and welcome. This is especially true of the backpack that forms the striking centerpiece of her look.

Ability Edit

Mi-Nu's upcomming skin

Mi-Nu's ability is "Speed Link". Speed Link costs three energy to use and once activated, a pink vignette will appear on each corner of the screen until the ability wears off. Speed Link allows Mi-Nu to move at an accelerated speed, and lasts about 7 seconds. She also heals a small portion of her health during this time.

Possible Uses Edit

  1. Swiftly arriving to the objective and harassing attacking agents trying to capture the objective
  2. Running away from an agent who is stronger than you.
  3. Escaping a firefight to regenerate health

Backstory Edit

Mi-Nu was a model for KORP before she became an agent. She would spread the KORP propaganda by putting up a fake smile in front of the camera and praising Korp but off-camera MI-NU was kept locked inside her room.

So, she trained and improved her agility and honed her combat skills and broke free. KORP declared her kidnapped. She knew that she was the most recognizable face so she couldn't roam around with her face and not be recognized but before she could do anything to her face someone told her that the kind of cuteness that she had could be more useful thand so she became an agent.

But, KORP began to bribe her. They gave her money to come back, but she already changed her mind and set her goals as her new self.

Quotes Edit

When selected Edit

  • "Playtime?"
  • "Yes, please."
  • "Badass, I know."
  • "Yasss!" ("Shaaaz"?)
  • "A-mazing."
  • "Well, hello there."

When deployed Edit

  • "I'm like a cat on the prowl."
  • "This is my territory."
  • "Claws, out."
  • "Everyone loves you.. until you become competition."
  • "OMG, I love that color on you!"

Respawning Edit

  • "Ha! I land on my feet!"
  • "You’re my prey now."
  • "Back on the hunt."
  • "That was a hot mess."
  • "Now I'm pissed off!"
  • "Time to scratch and bite!"
  • "Time to fight back."

Killing an enemy Edit

  • "Don’t hate!"
  • "Loser down."
  • "You must be so embarrassed."
  • "Sucks to be you."
  • "Mreoowww! Gotcha!"
  • "Sorry, not sorry."
  • "Never ask me to purr again!"
  • "Oh, you sad?"
  • *Meow*!
  • "Allright, I take it."
  • "Killing never looks so cute."
  • "Roar, that's right."
  • "And ya what you get."
  • "You killed the wrong cat." (Vengeance Kill)
  • "Three down. Too bad, so sad!"
  • "I got three kills!"
  • "Fourth kill. Whaaaat."
  • "Poor, four out."
  • "Oh! Four dead."
  • "And that is five."
  • "I'm killin' it. Five down!"
  • "Killing spree!"
  • "OMG, five kills."

Activating ability Edit

  • "Catch you later!" (Enemy only)
  • "Heya, catch me!" (Enemy only)
  • "Time to bust outta here!"
  • "I got moves!"
  • "Running fast is a skill."
  • "Here I go!"

Victory Edit

  • "OMG, updating my status: Epic WIN!"
  • "Put your claws up!"
  • "I‘m the cat’s meow!"
  • "Heck yea! ??? in da house!"

Defeat Edit

  • "That was a hot mess."
  • "They won? I’m SO jelly."
  • "Ugh. I hate everyone right now."
  • "Epic fail. I'm outta here."

Other Edit

  • "Yes, please." (When picking up her XP from crates)

Skins Edit

  • Default
  • Mantis

Galery Edit