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Los Angeles is a city in the United States of America.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

Operation BlockbusterEdit

> Main article: 01: Operation Blockbuster.

After being devestated by the KPR Alliance who assaulted America, Anvil 1, a US Army company, was deployed to Los Angeles to recover intel from the NSA (National Security Agency) building about KPR chatter. Corporal James Walker and Privates Colt and Kelly succesfully retrieve and prepare to extract with Echo-Nine, but the helo is shot down with the explosion and crash killing Kelly and Colt. Walker goes down to the lobby and clears it with Privates Harris and Wilson. Harris and Walker get to the front entrance, but it collapses due to enemy fighters hitting it with their weapons. Walker survives, and meets up with Captain Turner, his commanding officer, and they fight to a collapsed building and meet with Private Torres and the injured PFC Mendoza. They destroy the nearby overpass to make it destroy a KPR tank, and leave Mendoza and Torres after the area is secured. They travel to Private Malone and PFC Bailey's position, where they meet up at a theatre. Turner calls for extraction, but is denied and is told to clear the area. They open the door for a breach and clear, and Malone is instantly gunned down by enemy fire. Walker takes up an enemy turret and starts shooting at the hostile units, but is shot at by a KPR attack helicopter. Bailey attempts to shoot at it, but is stopped an enemy soldier, who slams a concrete block into his head, killing him instantly. Walker guns his killer, and he and Turner are about to be overrun, until Senior Airman Foster flies in and bombs the enemies. The remaining Anvil soldiers are extracted, and it is presumed that Los Angeles was taken after the battle.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

The map "Blockbuster" plays in Hollywood.[1]

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