Icon mcv
Icon Attacker Attacker
DamageHovers around 200. (Around 250 when AR is active)
AbilityAugmented Reality
Alternate actionAim Down Sights

Lock is one of twelve Agents in Modern Combat Versus Game by Gameloft.

Lock is an agent belonging to the Attacker class. Lock's effectiveness is based on the accuracy and high fire rate of his TYGR-92 assault rifle. His damage is moderate but can be boosted by 25% while Augmented Reality is active. His health is quite high allowing him to absorb a significant amount of damage.

Ability Edit

Activating Augmented Reality generates a blue/red wave which radiates through an area "tagging" enemy players, making them visible through obstacles similar to the drone in MC5. The effect lasts 10 seconds and also increases the damage Lock deals to affected players.


Lock is a versatile agent. He does well in all, but excels in none. He has moderate health, damage and mobility. Lock could potentally be both a team player and lone wolf. He does best at close to mid-range. He is not exactly the agent to be leading the charge. Aim down sights as much as possible in all engagements other than close quarters combat.

Trivia Edit

  • One of his quotes being, "I am the dog's bollocks!" is actually a UK slang phrase meaning "the best".
  • In his description, in the last sentence, it says,”So what do you do if you have a big target in your back? Put a nice sticker and hope for the best.”. His sticker on his back is a kissy emoji (😘), which he took seriously.

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