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A list of known glitches in any Modern Combat game. Please feel free to add your knowledge and experiences.

Modern Combat 2: Black PegasusEdit

Alternate reload animations Edit

Alternate reload animation in Modern Combat 2

Alternate reload animation in Modern Combat 2

Every once in a while, in either multiplayer or the campaign, the default reload animation for some of the weapons including the MN106 and M40A3 will change for a short period of time.

One handed weaponsEdit

MC2 1handM40A3
MC2-One hand Benelli

Sometimes when spawning, the player will spawn without a visible left hand. This will continue until the player respawns.

Disappearing building on BunkerEdit

MC2 bunkerglitch1

Now it is visible...

MC2 bunkerglitch2

...and now it isn't.

Right after leaving the side of Bunker where the Resistance flag is, and walking onto the large clearing, the player will see several cabinets and boxes. Standing at one of these and looking left will reveal a red structure that will go invisible if viewed from a certain position.

Awkward point of viewEdit

MC2-Point of view glitch

In the campaign, if the player kills an enemy while aiming down the sights and the "slow-mo" headshot killcam plays, if the player reloads while the killcam is playing, the player will have their point-of-view zoomed in as if they are still aiming down sights, even if they aren't. Aiming down sights no longer zooms in.

Dying right before a cutsceneEdit

MC2-Cutscene Glitch

The glitched cutscene in Embassy Assault where Rollins is found under the structure

If a player dies right before a single-player cutscene, rarely the cutscene will continue playing, even if the player is dead. The screen will be red, and other characters in the cutscene will never spawn.

Dying holding the weapon Edit

If the player dies while entering the iron sights view, the player will die holding the weapon in his/her left hand.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Edit

Screen glitch Edit


Every move you make will be copied over the screen.

In Chase, at the moment the truck drives through water, the character stops moving and the screen starts glitching out. There is no known fix for this.

Permanent Rampage-4/Three Weapons Edit


Rampage-4 held at a different angle


Scope to the top-left of the screen

In Dragon King of the Sea, a KPR helo will appear and attack you. Do not use the Rampage-4, destroy the helo with another gun. After the helo is destroyed, pick up the Rampage-4. This will not replace any weapon and will turn into a third weapon slot. Go to the area where Sung is. After killing Sung, your Rampage-4 will be held at a slightly different angle. It will not bother you while you are shooting. But the scope will throw off aim greatly.

Anderson Clone Edit

This only works in Dragon King of the Sea. Sometimes, a second Anderson will appear. He will disappear after the player got killed.

Invisible Truck Edit

In Façade, after crossing the bridge there is a truck near a small tower and barrels. Rarely the truck would be invisible. When the barrels are blown up, fire will be in the air on where the truck should be.

Standard sight glitchEdit

MC3 Sniper Rifle Glitch

The Intercept-L200 without any scope

MC3-ACM glitch

The ACM missing its iron sights

When killed in multiplayer while transitioning into the scope/sight, rarely upon respawn the scope would be missing. When the aim down sights button is tapped, it zooms on a random angle, and when pulling out of the scope/sight everything will return to normal.

Sticky grenade / throwing knife glitchEdit

Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation ~ Sticky Grenade Glitch

Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation ~ Sticky Grenade Glitch

When killing an enemy in multiplayer, when the enemy's corpse falls to the ground, the player will need to wait a few seconds. Just as the enemy is about to respawn (which is when the body disappears) throw a sticky grenade or throwing knife down on the enemy's body. They will spawn with the sticky grenade and throwing knife still on their body, and they will be killed. This can be countered by using Shield Elite or Armor Elite.

Alternate Reload glitch Edit

This glitch rarely occurs, but can occur when the player is transitioning to aiming down sights and throwing a grenade.

Surviving a nuke glitchEdit

MC3-Nuke glitch

Surviving the nuke. Note the killfeed below and the timer at 0 seconds.

When a nuke is called in, if a player dies right before the nuke detonates, the player will respawn but will not take any damage from the nuke. He/she cannot move around, but can see the nuke detonating.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

Unified Terror Saunders glitch Edit

Saunders glitch 1

The explosion

Saunders glitch 2

The KR floating

After downloading the data from a terminal, Saunders will move up and be attacked by an AFTER operative. Normally, he would kill the officer with his KR.

Now comes the fun part: throw a grenade at Saunders just before he gets attacked. He will fall to the ground, but the KR will float and kill the officer.

Threatcon Delta cutscene gun glitch Edit


The Glitched VECT9 with the Thermal sight


The Glitched VECT9 with Tactical Red Dot Sight

This glitch will let your weapons merge.

At the end cutscene of the mission, the guns you have equipped will merge with each other.

Manhunt weapon glitch Edit

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 1.55.22 pm

The SOCAR-S A1 at the beginning of Manhunt

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 1.56.14 pm

The cutscene in Manhunt where the SOCAR has no attachments.

This glitch occurs when you first see Saunders in a cutscene, you start the level with a SOCAR-S A1 with a Holographic sight attached, when you encounter him the first time, the cutscene will have Blake hold Saunders at gunpoint with a SOCAR-S A1 with no attachments.

Terminus weapon position glitch Edit

IMG 2385

The glitch in Terminus

IMG 2384

The glitch in Terminus

This glitch is easily triggered, but only works on the iPhone version. After the first loading screen checkpoint when you killed the enemies behind the bar and up the stairs, move up the stairs as you normally would do. Then, an enemy helicopter comes in and hostiles are roping down. Blake (player) will protect himself for the blast by covering his eyes. In other missions like Red Summit, the ADS icon will disappear. In this mission you can press the ADS icon while the screen is blue.

Operation Shogun HUD glitch Edit

This glitch occurs if the player doesn't pick up a weapon until the first checkpoint. After picking up a weapon, the weapon icon and the ADS icon do not appear on the player's HUD. The buttons are back after the first major checkpoint (black screen) in the mission.

Cold Vengeance drone glitchEdit


The player in the ground drone


Another view

This glitch will let the player "sit" in the ground drone. It's triggered by switching to an empty weapon just before Blake takes out his tablet.

The player will not be able to fire or reload, but can look 360 degrees around him/her. Unified Citizens soldiers will ignore the player. However, you can take damage from rockets fired on Downs and Walker.

Extreme Sanction body glitchEdit

After killing Page, the player will play as Blake. However, the body will be Page's. You can see Pages' hands when reloading. This glitch only happens if Blake is killed or the player exit the game.

Miscellaneous Edit


An SGS soldier's rag doll glitches inside a few boxes