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The LGR 35 is a grenade launcher available in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. It was added in the Spring Update.

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{{Infobox/weapon | game = MC5 | type = Launcher | basedon = QLB-06 | mag = 2 | startammo = 2 | range = Medium - high | rof = ~100-150 RPM | fire = Semi-automatic | reload = 2 sec | icon = | damage-head = 41 | damage-torso = 41 | damage-limbs = 41 | radius = 3 meters | class = Heavy | tier = 6 | unlocked =

The LGR is the Tier 6 grenade launcher in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. It is quite a unique and unusual weapon in its class, as it has the special ability of firing proximity sticky grenades - rather than detonating when striking a surface after firing, the grenades cling to any surface they hit much like sticky mines, and then detonate with proximity to an enemy or after about 10 seconds. (The grenades will also detonate on impact with an enemy's body when fired). The weapon has a magazine size of 2 grenades, with another 2 in reserve.

The LGR was formerly very popular in multiplayer, however in its most updated incarnation it is often considered an underpowered weapon with an overall low damage output for a weapon of its tier compared to launchers such as the SLAK 7H and the COM 4, and as such is rarely used in multiplayer, with other launchers being favored over it.

One advantage the LGR does have over launchers such as the SLACK 7H, however, is the longer range and speed of the projectiles, allowing for firing along a more straight trajectory. Using the weapon to plant mines near corners or doorways in advance of oncoming enemies can be utilized as a defensive stragey - however, the short time until automatic detonation of its proximity mines limit its effectiveness at area denial.

  • High fire-rate
  • Fast reload
  • Fires unique proximity mines
  • Highest mobility among launchers (when fully upgraded)

  • Low clip size (2 rounds)
  • Very low damage-per-grenade than other launchers (making it very difficult to kill uninjured opponents with the weapon alone)


  • The LGR 35 received several downgrades in prior updates from Gameloft due to concerns of it being overpowered - it's damage was significantly decreased (it was formally capable of 1-hit kills to any player within the blast radius), the grenade detonation timer was increased) and its magazine size was decreased from 4-2. As a result, it is now generally considered an underpowered and underused weapon (despite previously having been one of the most powerful weapons in the game), due to the overall low damage output compared to most other launchers, making it difficult to score kills with the weapon alone.

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