Icon mc4
AppearancesModern Combat 4: Zero Hour
AffiliationsUnited States Army
Gender♀ Female
Voice actorSamia Mounts

Knight is a character that is first heard of in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

She commands Joel Blake, James Walker, Anderson and Downs in Modern Combat 4 in their missions. She has the job of an informant.

She does not make a physical appearance,but her voice is heard over Blake's radio.

Knight works for the United States Army and gives commands during missions.

Her life before and after the events of Modern Combat 4 are unclear. It seems like she will not appear in Modern Combat 5 agaii

Modern Combat 4: Zero HourEdit

Knight appears in several Missions of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. She is an unplayable informer in the game.

See alsoEdit


  • She is the first female character to be in the Modern Combat series.
  • She is the first named character who has a role higher than combat.

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