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> For a vehicle with a similar role in Modern Combat 4, see SGS armored personnel carrier.

The KPR Armored Personnel Carrier is a vehicle that only appears in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

KPR armored personnel carrier
Based onBPM-97
RoleInfantry support, troop transport
WeaponsHeavy Machine Gun
OperatorsKPR Alliance

The APC appears in the first three missions (all in the US) and in mission 5, in which the player is pursued by these vehicles. In Raging Bird, multiple KPR (Al-Akrab) APCs including technical trucks manned with a RPG shooter attack Hawk 2's Black Hawk with Carter aboard. In Blood Sand, Walker and Washington encounter an APC with some explosive barrels near it.

The KPR APC are used extensively as they appear in almost every mission in the campaign. The player can see them in multiple groups in air support missions like in Mission 2: Sacrifice and Mission 9: Raging Bird. These vehicles can only be destroyed with explosives or turret fire as small arm bullets have no affect on them.

In Multiplayer, APCs can be found parked crookedly on the bridge in Alert. Notice that one of them has it's front lights on.

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