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Iron sights are used to assist the user in aiming and are included on all portable guns in the Modern Combat series except for Sniper Rifles, which use the Sniper Scope by default and the MN106 Red Dot in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, which uses a Red Dot Sight by default. Rocket launchers and some grenade launchers in games since Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation like the Rampage-4 and CTK-88 Crumplor use a unique optical attachment. The ZAB IS07 also features a custom-built sight.

Iron sights are present on nearly all in-game weapons, and are vital for killing an enemy at long range, as "hipfiring" is inaccurate at anything beyond close range. Conversely, at very close range, aiming down the sights can be impractical, as in the time it takes to bring up the sights, hip-firing could have already taken out the enemy and denied them the ability to fire back.

While aiming down the sights (ADS), a player's shots become much more accurate than hipfiring. However, while ADS, the player's walking and turning speed is slowed, meaning moving in ADS is much slower than moving while not aiming.

Modern Combat: Sandstorm

In Modern Combat: Sandstorm, all weapons do not have any actual recoil, both while aiming down the sights or hipfiring. All recoil is purely visual. However, using the iron sights will tighten up the shot spread of the gun, allowing for kills at longer ranges. All weapons use Iron Sights in Sandstorm, except the M40A3, which uses the Sniper Scope.


Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus

In Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, there are two substitutes for iron sights. The MN106 Red Dot, which replaces the gun's iron sights with a red dot sight, and the Dradonitch and M40A3, which both use a sniper scope.


Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Red Dot Sight   Holographic Sight   ACOG Scope   Thermal Scope    

In Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, there are five substitutes for iron sights: the Red Dot Sight, the Holographic Sight, the ACOG Scope, the Thermal Scope, and the Sniper Scope, which, as before, replaces the default iron sights of all Sniper Rifles. Iron sights have much more detail and complexity this time.


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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

RDS   High‑MOA RDS   Holographic   Tactical Holo   CTS   Drop Compensator   Thermal LCD   Advanced Holo   Low‑MOA RDS    

Iron sights are the standard optic on every weapon in Zero Hour.


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