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> For the hand-held grenade, see Incendiary grenade.

Incendiary Device is a Skill in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

Incendiary Device
MC4-Incendiary Device
EffectDeploys device
Duration~30 seconds
CostMC4 Cost 20,000

The Incendiary Device can be placed on the field. It works similarly to the C4 Explosive: after placing the device, pressing the button again will ignite the flames which cover a large area.

The player will need to choose between the Proximity Mine and this. While the mine can be helpful for protecting flags or placing on high-traffic locations, the incendiary device is more helpful to block corridors. The fire lasts long enough to earn many points in Manhunt, and choosing the right location plus blocking one entrance with the device, the player is relatively safe. The biggest problem in the situation are grenades, especially sticky grenades since they have a larger blast radius. The best counter on this is having team members around the VIP, keeping hostiles on a distance.

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