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The IMP-S is a sniper rifle featured in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

ASIX‑338   Norbok‑38   Aresk‑07   Rod‑94   E24 SASR   IMP‑S   BSW 77   Dread Eye   Vice    
TypeSniper Rifle
Likely based onBarrett XM109
DamageExtremely high
Rate of fireVery low
AccuracyVery High
Magazine size5
Fire modeBolt-action

The IMP-S is the Tier 6 weapon of the Sniper class. It is a powerful bolt-action anti-materiel rifle which fires high-velocity explosive rounds that deal devastating amounts of damage, capable of killing an enemy with a single shot to anywhere on the body.

Performance-wise, the IMP-S handles similarly to other bolt-action sniper rifles such as Aresk-07 and the BSW 77, however it features the highest rate-of-fire among weapons in this class. In addition, its unique explosive rounds create a small area of explosive splash damage upon impact, which is capable of damaging or killling opponents near the bullet impact area (and even through thin walls), making it an excellent counter-sniper weapon, if said sniper is camping behind thin surfaces.

The weapon is also remarkably effective against enemy devices and deployed equipment, such as recon aircraft, sticky mines, and automated turrets. The IMP-S is also one of the only few sniper rifles that can achieve a potential one-shot kill to the torso with a silencer.

The disadvantages of the weapon are somewhat apparent; like other sniper rifles it is a heavy weapon, meaning that moving to sniping locations with a pistol drawn may be advantageous. Another disadvantage is its hip-fire accuracy which is very poor. (If a player is lucky, they can "no-scope" an enemy in very close quarters, but will have to wait until another round is re-chambered unlike the semi-automatic rifles). As with grenades and rocket launchers, it is also possible to kill yourself with your own weapon if the explosive manages to detonate on a surface close to the player.

  • Top-tier damage among sniper rifles
  • Highest reload speed of bolt-action sniper rifles
  • Minimal penalty when equipping a silencer
  • Unique explosive rounds
  • Low rate of fire
  • Explosive rounds can damage the player
  • Abysmal hip fire performance

Trivia Edit

  • Killing an enemy from the explosive splash damage of the weapon counts as an explosive kill in multiplayer and the campaign as with grenades and RPGs.
  • The bullets' explosion can damage Kommander players even with the shield deployed, making the IMP-S a potential counter to the Kommander class.

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