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> For the support in later games, see Recon Aircraft.

The Helicopter Support is a Military Support available in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation's multiplayer.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Edit

Helicopter Support
MC3-Helicopter Support
EffectCalls in an attack helicopter that shoots hostile players on sight
Kills required10
Cooldown2 Minutes
Limit2 per match

The Helicopter Support makes its debut in Modern Combat 3, requiring 10 kills without dying (8 with Field Specialist Elite). When activated, the player calls in a US attack helicopter that travels around the map and engages enemy players. The helicopter is extremely powerful on maps with little overhead cover, such as Divide, though players who have Camouflage Elite equipped will not be targeted. However, it is nearly useless on maps with mostly indoor combat, such as Countdown.

The helicopter can be targeted and taken down with the Rampage-4, though this is difficult, as there is no targeting reticle or lock-on sound. It is much more common for players to simply avoid the helicopter.

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