Icon mc3
Hawk 2 Pilot
AppearancesModern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
PositionHelicopter pilot
AffiliationsHawk Unit
Gender♂ Male
DeathDay 7, Raging Bird
Killed byAl-Akrab AA gun
Oh f*ck me- we're hit! Going down!
—The pilot's last words

The Hawk 2 pilot was the pilot of Master Sergeant Carter's helicopter during the attack on Gurdal.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

Raging BirdEdit

Hawk Unit, a helicopter team, was sent to Pakistan to protect Bravo 1 (tasked with subduing Edward Page, a major leader in the KPR Alliance who was responsible for the cyber attacks on the US) on their journey to Gurdal. The pilot was piloting Hawk 2, one of the helicopters providing overhead cover for Bravo 1 and Phantom Unit. They were later sent to destroy Al-Akrab watchtowers in the city.


As the team approached the third watchtower, they were hit by an anti-air gun of Al-Akrab. The helicopter went down, and the pilot died in the ensuring crash. Carter was the only one who survived.

In the next mission, Blood Sand, Phantom Unit is ordered to take out the AA that shot it down.

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