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The HEV Mk 51 is a rocket launcher in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

S‑41 GL   HEV Mk 51   CTK‑88 Crumplor   ZAB IS07   SLAK 7H   LGR 35   COM 4   V.L.A.D.    
HEV Mk 51
MC5-HEV Mk 51
Likely based onRPG-7
Damage460~ (direct hit)
High splash damage
MobilityVery low
Magazine size1 rocket
Starting ammo1 - 3 Rockets
Ammo received via pickup1 rocket
Fire modeFree-fire
Unlocked2 Blueprints
MC5-HEV Mk 51-hud

The HEV Mk 51 features high explosive splash damage along with a large lethal radius, making the need for a direct hit on an enemy not necessary unless the opponent is in very close proximity.

Unlike grenade launchers such as S-41 GL with fire grenades in an arc, the HEV Mk 51 fires in a straight path, making long-range shots possible, potentially making the the HEV an effective counter-sniper weapon. However, the weapon only features iron sights with no magnification while aiming.

The HEV Mk 51 fires a single rocket at a time, and initially has no reseerve ammo (however with the Boombastic skill, its ammo capacity can be upgraded to a total of 3 rockets). It features fairly slow reload at almost a second, which exacerbates the HEV's one rocket capacity.

  • High explosive splash damage
  • Precise accuracy
  • Long range
  • Low clip size (prior to purchasing the "Boombastic" skill)
  • Low mobility


The HEV Mk 51 had its damage decreased in an update by Gameloft, making it less popular among players.

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Trivia Edit

  • The HEV appears to be capable of firing guided missiles, as seen in the mission Interception.

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