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WeaponKuru 9
Alternate actionStab

Ghost is one of the twelve Agents in Modern Combat Versus. He uses a shot gun with a 5 round capacity.

Weapon Edit

Ghost uses a shotgun called the Kuru 9. The Kuru 9 is a pump action shot gun with a 5 round capacity. His shotgun deals very high damage in close quarters and even medium range taking only about 3 shots to kill. this is more powerful than swift's semi-auto shot gun. but a huge downside to the gun is the slow rate of fire, low capacity and pretty slow reload.

Ability Edit

Cloak turns Ghost near invisible. He can then execute opposing agents with a powerful blade attack.[1]This ability costs 5 energy and lasts for ten seconds. While invisible Ghost's shotgun is replaced with a blade which deals a damaging melee attack. Performing a stab cancels the cloak. Ghost's stab can instantly kill assassins while only heavily damaging defenders and attackers.

Alternate Action Edit

Ghost can use a Combat Knife.

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