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Icon Assassin Assassin
WeaponKuru 9
AbilityNeural Cloak
Alternate actionStab

Background Edit

I grew up in the Voids, filthy and starving. From a young age, I learned to isolate myself from places where humans gathered... I knew they wouldn't want me. The chatter...the was all too intense. I much preferred the shadows.

I knew that if Korp found me, I would be placed in a facility. If OCTO found me instead, i'd become a child soldier. So I invented a game...hide from those who hurt you, and hunt what you need. I studied the stalking behaviors of the animals I spent my time with... What I learned from them got me jobs hunting runaways, wanted criminals, dirty Korp guards... Animals used silence to their advantage; I used chaos.

I once received an offer to assassinate a corrupt businessman...a trap waiting to be sprung. Korp guards surrounded me after I neutralized the target, and suddenly, I was the prey. I barely escaped... I returned to the shadows and isolated myself, nursed my wounds... Until I was found, and offered a opportunity to use my skills once again...this time, with a safety net. Animals get natural camouflage, I got a neural cloaking device. That day, I became an Agent.

Description Edit

Ghost is one of the fourteen Agents in Modern Combat Versus. He uses a shotgun with a 5 round capacity.

Weapon Edit

Ghost uses a shotgun called the Kuru 9, which is a pump action shotgun with a 5 round capacity. His shotgun deals very high damage in close quarters and even medium range taking only about 3 shots to kill. this is more powerful than Swift's semi-auto shotgun, but a huge downside to the gun is the slow rate of fire, low capacity and pretty slow reload.

Ability Edit

Cloak turns Ghost near invisible. He can then execute opposing agents with a powerful blade attack.[1] This ability costs 5 energy and lasts for ten seconds. While invisible Ghost's shotgun is replaced with a blade which deals a damaging melee attack. Performing a stab cancels the cloak. Ghost's stab can instantly kill assassins while only heavily damaging defenders and attackers.

Alternate Action Edit

Ghost can use a Combat Knife.

Quotes Edit

When selected Edit

  • "I await."
  • "A wise choice."
  • "From the shadows."
  • "Trust no one."
  • "Unleash me."
  • "I walk unseen."

When deployed Edit

Respawning Edit

Killing an enemy Edit

  • "The pain ends quickly."
  • "Sleep now."
  • "Farewell."
  • "Already forgotten."
  • "Time to engrave your tombstone."
  • "Shh... Don't fear death."

Activating ability Edit

Victory Edit

Defeat Edit

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