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The Geiger counter is a piece of equipment featured in Modern Combat: Sandstorm.

Modern Combat: Sandstorm Edit

Geiger counter
Photo 2
Based onNuclear Industries CDV-700
RoleRadiation detection

The Geiger counter is a piece of scientific equipment used by the player in A Nuke Too Far during the search for nuclear weapons being smuggled in shipping crates by Abu Bahaa. The Geiger counter (Referred to in-game as a "Rad Detector") is passed over a series of marked crates to detect traces of tritium being emitted. After these crates are scanned, the device is not seen again.



  • The player is sent to search for traces of tritium, but tritium has many commercial uses, such as gun sights and watch dials, due to its glow in the dark properties and negligible radioactivity. In addition, tritium is very expensive, and the amount required to show up on a simple wave of a geiger counter would be cripplingly expensive for any organization. However, tritium is a vital part of the construction of an H-Bomb.

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