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> For the similar vehicle in other Modern Combat games, see US attack helicopter.

The GSC attack helicopter is an attack helicopter that appears in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutEdit

GSC attack helicopter
MC5 Apache concept art Concept art of the GSC attack helicopter
Based onAH-64 Apache
RoleGround attack helicopter
Machine gun
OperatorsGilman Security

The helicopter is first seen in the mission "Sniper". A chopper used by the Raiders attacks building in which Phoenix and Roux's team are taking cover.

Extractions Edit

The GSC attack helicopter is used multiple times to extract soldiers via hooks on cords underneath the helicopter. All of the extractions failed:

  • The helicopter attempts to extract Phoenix and Taylor in the mission "Extraction". During the extraction, the chopper was taken down by a WLA attack helicopter with Phoenix still attached to the cord underneath. Phoenix detaches himself and lands in the canal, where Taylor picks him up with a boat.
  • In the final mission, Saunders", the chopper sent to extract Phoenix and Tukura is taken down due to the pilot being naive. Everett Saunders attacks it in another helicopter and the pilot is killed.

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