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The Firecracker is a Prestige submachine gun of the Recon class in Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

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The disposable Firecracker uses a revolutionary bullet propellant which can be rigged to detonate while the bullets are still in the magazine. Provided there's still a decent amount of bullets left, the weapon becomes a veritable hand grenade. - Official weapon description
TypeSubmachine Gun
Likely based onMagpul FMG-9
42~ (Flash Hider)
23~ (PT7 Silencer)
33 (explosive damage)
Rate of fire540 RPM
AccuracyLow - medium
Magazine size30
Starting ammo30
Reloading2 seconds~
Fire modeAutomatic
Unlocked25 Blueprints
  1. The Firecracker is a very unique submachine gun, featuring the highest damage of all SMGs, rivaling the Bosk 3 and the Bramson, along with maximum armor penetration, potentially able to kill an opponent in 3 shots regardless of their armor's bullet protection. It also sports an amazing rate of fire, tying with Bramson at 540 RPM, giving the Firecracker one of the highest time-to-kill ratings of all automatic weapons in the game.

On the downside, the range and accuracy of the Firecracker are unimpressive, and the weapon exhibits fairly strong recoil. Like the FS80, the Firecracker is also unable to equip a grip to improve accuracy. However, this should not be a huge concern if the player limits their engagements to close range, where the weapon reigns supreme.

The Firecracker and the Bramson are often considered among the top-tier for the Recon class, with the Bosk 3 also being a popular choice in competitive matches. While the Firecracker boasts higher damage and faster time-to-kill, making it better at closer ranges, the Bramson and the Bosk 3 both have better range, mag size and accuracy, having a light edge at close-mid range. For an additional edge over one's opponent, it is recommended that a player learn how to use the Firecracker's unique grenade ability effectively.

Special ability Edit

Being a prestige weapon, the Firecracker has also sports a very unique ability: when the player taps the reload button, instead of changing magazines, the entire gun transforms into a grenade and is thrown forward. The Firecracker grenade deals around the same damage as an impact grenade, with identical throwing range and similar radius. However, the weapon will only explode if there are 5 or more bullets left in the magazine, otherwise the thrown weapon will simply disappear without exploding. (The player will then pick up another Firecracker ready to fire rather than conventionally "reloading", which takes about 2 seconds). This ability can help to finish off an enemy or deal additional damage. However, it will take some practice to learn tap the reload icon when there are still sufficient bullets in the mag.

  • Very high damage for an SMG
  • High rate of fire
  • Fast reload speed
  • Best overall SMG at close-quarters
  • Ability to transform into a hand grenade
  • Fairly small clip size
  • Long reload time compared to other SMGs
  • Poor performance at range
  • Low accuracy
  • Strong recoil
  • Grenade mechanic yields low damage and can damage the player
  • Bullets left in clip are lost upon reloading (due to the grenade mechanic)
  • Cannot equip grips, extended magazines, camos or trinkets

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