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Facility is a map in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus.

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus Edit

LocationOil Rig, Indian Ocean
ArchetypeClose range gunfights
MissionOil Slick

Facility is based on one of the interior areas of the oil rig in Oil Slick. It consists of one medium-sized room and a number of smaller rooms and narrow hallways. It is the smallest map in the game, and gunfights are fought at close range. Rapid reaction speeds are critical, as enemy players can be encountered around any corner.

Due to the size of the map, playing Battle with maximum players can be very crowded, which may be a positive or negative factor depending on the player. It can also increase the chance of being spawn killed. Due to the relatively short distance and limited pathways between flags, Capture the Flag can be uniquely intense compared to other maps. Defuse the Bomb matches usually favor the Resistance because it takes very little time to cross the map, reach the bomb, and kill the Army defusers.

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  • The boxes seen around the map have the old Gameloft logo on them.

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