Explosives Expert is a perk featured in the Demolition specialisation for Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

Explosives Expert
MC4-Explosives Expert
EffectIncreases all explosive damage by 25%.
CostMC4 Cost 35,000
[[category:Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Demolition Skills]]

Explosives Expert is a fourth tier perk, unlocked at Level 40 and costing 35,000 credits. When equipped, this will increase the effective radius for all explosives used by the player by 25%. This benefit also applies for the Airstrike, Artillery, or Bombers,

Explosives Expert is are best coupled with proximity mines and a grenade launcher for maximum effectiveness. Use Ammo Pack, Dedication or Resistance for the ultimate explosives class. However - a well-rounded primary weapon should be equipped when using this class. The SOCAR-S A1 or Charbtek-28 would be a good pairing.

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