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The ERG 10 is a experimental railgun weapon in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. It was added in the Winter Update.

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutEdit

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ERG 10
MC5-ERG 10
/  \
/  \
Rate of fire40 RPM~
AccuracyVery high
Magazine size14
9 - 11 - 13 (Pro)
Starting ammo21 magazines
Reloading2.2 seconds
Fire modeAutomatic
ClassBounty Hunter
Unlocked20 Blueprints
MC5-ERG 10-hud

The ERG 10 is the Tier 7 weapon of Bounty Hunter class. It is a railgun weapon not comparable to sniper rifles, and features the highest damage per shot of all Bounty Hunter weapons, capable of killing any class in one shot.

Unlike conventional sniper rifles however, the ERG 10 has a unique crosshair, allowing for precise aiming even while hip-firing, and is also capable of attaching sniper scopes. The ERG 10 has a decent magazine size, at 14 rounds by default, and has a rate of fire comparable to the Rod-94. Coupled with the precise crosshair, the ERG 10 can be useful up close with accurate, well-placed fire. It is also a surprisingly quiet weapon when firing.

One of the major downsides of the weapon is its low mobility, akin to that of sniper rifles, which makes switching to a pistol when traversing longer distances is a logical decision. Compared to sniper rifles which use conventional ammo, there is also a noticeable delay between firing a shot and hitting a target at longer ranges, though in practice it is fairly negligible. The ERG 10's hip-fire accuracy also dramatically worsens when strafing or moving around, making it wiser to avoid close-range engagements with opponents using automatic weapons.

Overall, the ERG 10 is a rather unique weapon, with high stopping power and more versatility than most sniper rifles. The ERG 10 demands accurate, well-placed shots. To use the weapon effectively against moving targets, the player will have to keep the crosshair on the enemy for a split second after pulling the trigger; another effective tactic is to use the weapon for suppression fire and lay down volleys of shots over a small area as opposed to going for precision.

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