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The EER 15 is an experimental weapon that appears in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutEdit

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EER 15
MC5-EER 15
TypeEnergy weapon
Rate of fire200 RPM~
RangeVery high
Magazine size33 - 36 - 41
Starting ammo287
ClassBounty Hunter
Unlocked15 blueprints
MC5-EER 15-hud

The EER 15 the Tier 6 weapon of the the Bounty Hunter class. It is a weapon which fires blue bursts of energy, and possesses the highest range of all Bounty Hunter weapons, tied with the ERG 10 and SPEC-38A. Its performance is comparable to that of a battle rifle such as the Charbtek-28, but superior in nearly all regards, and lands somewhere in between that of an assault rifle and a sniper rifle, optimized for mid-long range combat.

The EER 15 deals solid damage, has pinpoint accuracy, and has very low recoil, which permits engaging enemies at longer ranges, typically killing in 3-4 shots to the torso. The weapon also does not have a large differential between its maximum and minimum damage. In addition, the EER 15 has a large magazine, allowing for sustained fire for a fair period of time.

The main downside of the EER 15 is its slow rate of fire, around 200 rounds per minute which making it less effective in close-quarters combat. Likewise, there is a delay between firing the weapon and the projectile hitting the target (as is the case with other energy weapons such as the ERG 10 and SPEC-38A). This requires the user to compensate for muzzle velocity and lead the target. The weapon also does not produce splash damage.

  • High damage per shot
  • Very high accuracy
  • Very low recoil
  • Large magazine size
  • Fairly low rate of fire
  • Less effective in close-quarters combat
  • Delay between firing and projectile hitting the target

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