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Duty Calls is a first-tier skill in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

Duty Calls
MC4-Duty Calls
EffectIncreases zone capture speed as well as movement speed while carrying flags.
CostMC4 Cost 5,000

Duty Calls sits alongside the Improved Strikes as one of the first-tier perks in the Support specialization. It is unlocked at Level 10 and costs 5,000 credits. When equipped, the perk increases zone capture speed and movement speed when carrying flags. This is a very helpful perk for players that get themselves into dirty teamwork, however, it is ineffective if you don't play Zone Control or Capture the Flag, making the Improved Strikes perk more popular, as it can be used effectively in all game modes, excluding Barebone.

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