The Dread Eye is a Prestige sniper rifle of the Sniper class in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. It was added in Update XII.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

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The Dread Eye fires tracer rounds coated in special polymers, allowing them to ricochet off of solid objects, if the user is patient enough to wait through a complete charging.
Dread Eye
Dread Eye
TypeSniper Rifle
TierT8 Prestige
Unlocked25 blueprints
MC5-Dread Eye-hud

The Dread Eye is a rather unique semi-automatic sniper rifle with a "charging" mechanism. The weapon features a solid rate of fire and very high damage for a semi-automatic sniper rifle, often capable of killing lightly-armored opponents in a single shot, rivaled only by the X1-Morph's L.A.K. and the Vice. When fully charged, its bullets will ricochet off of solid objects, which makes for an effective technique for firing around corners or into cramped areas where the bullet has a good chance of ricocheting and hitting a target out of one's line of sight.

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