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Divide is a large multiplayer map in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

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Divide is a large outdoor multiplayer map. It is based on the campaign mission Blood Sand. It is a long, narrow map with two levels, a higher level on one side and a lower level on the other. There are small buildings on both ends of the map.

Divide has always been a very popular map, because of its wide range of combat types. On the high ground, snipers cover the players on the bridges, and narrow buildings and paths are perfect for shotgun fights. Because of the lack of any overhead cover, killchains like the Helicopter, Bomber, and Airstrike are extremely powerful.




  • Despite the actual game being Phantom Unit vs. the KPR, the actual KPR soldiers are Al-Akrab terrorists.
  • On the loading screen for Divide, it shows a small shed with the door closed, however when viewing the shed on the map, the door is clearly wide open.

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