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The DS-1310 is a shotgun that appears in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

Romket‑178   BMF‑12   SMASS‑410   DS‑1310   Sering 9   VOID 6   DBS 4   LSN‑25B   Buckshot    
Likely based onM1216
DamageVery High
Rate of fireModerate
Magazine size16
Reloading2 Seconds
Fire modeSemi-automatic
Unlocked4 Blueprints

The DS-1310 is the fourth shotgun to be unlocked for the Heavy class. The DS-1310 is the first semi-automatic shotgun available, sporting much faster reload than pump-action shotguns, as it reloads via a magazine as opposed to reloading shell-by-shell.

Like other shotguns, the DS-1310 very powerful at close range, and sports a superior fire rate than pump-action shotguns. It also features a unique parabellum magazine that needs to be rotated after every 4 shots. The rotating magazine isn't too much of a hindrance, though it results in a short firing delay after every 4 shots fired which the player will have to keep in mind before engaging in firefirghts.

  • Very damage
  • Relatively high rate of fire
  • Faster reload than the pump-action shotguns and the DBS 4
  • Low range
  • Slightly lower damage than pump-action shotguns
  • Magazine needs to be rotated every 4 shots

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