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A concussion grenade is an anti-personnel device that is designed to damage its target with explosive power alone. It appears in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

Frag   Sticky   Incendiary   Concussion   Throwing knife    
CTK-160 Concussion Grenade
MC4-CTK-160 Concussion Grenade
Likely based onFrag Grenade
EffectDamages and stuns enemies
CostMC4 Cost 8,000
Deals high damage and stuns slightly in a small radius.
—In-game description

The concussion grenade was introduced in the Meltdown Update. It has a smaller but more lethal explosion radius than the R67 Fragmentation Grenade but explodes on impact and stuns affected enemies.

One of the more popular grenades, it is very lethal when thrown accurately. It is best to throw the grenade directly at the floor in front of the enemy, as you will be guaranteed a kill. Even if the blast doesn't directly kill your enemy, it will disorient and slow them down, giving you time to rush in and take the kill. Being a grenade that detonates upon impact, caution must be taken, as striking a foe or a wall too close to you will result in stunning yourself, or even worse, a premature suicide. This grenade acts like a more powerful stun grenade, albeit with a lower stun time and lower stun effect.

  • Lethal within the blast radius
  • Detonates upon impact
  • Can be thrown a long distance
  • Stuns enemies within the non-lethal blast radius
  • Small lethal radius
  • Possible to stun or kill yourself

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Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

Frag   Nail   Concussion   Impact   Sticky Mine    
Concussion Grenade
MC5-Concussion grenade
Likely based onMK3A2 grenade
UsersUnited States Air Force
World Liberation Army
Radius3 meters
UnlockedRank 3

The Concussion grenade in Modern Combat 5: Blackout no longer explodes on impact. After the timer expires, the grenade instantly deals enough damage to kill anyone standing in the blast center, and severely damage anyone within 3 meters.

After Impact grenades were downgraded in an update by Gameloft, concussion grenades are now the most popular grenade in multiplayer due to their lethal capabilities, capable of instantly killing opponents close to the blast radius easier than other grenades.

  • Highest damage of all hand grenades
  • Larger lethal blast center and better arm time than the Frag grenade
  • Smaller radius than other grenades


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