This is my Clan, TbS, The best Shooters.We are a very good stealth Killing clan.we love our guns and will still kill.I created the CLAN my self.people that are in our clan are:

TbS Oleg Olah (me)

TbS WakaBullet


TbS Lukas Buivydas

TbSowais nazim

TcO The Chosen Ones

Join TcO for a fant@$tic MC4 experience. We are a well rounded clan, looking to become big in the Modern Combat Community. We are Android only, and are both a sniping and assaulting clan. If you are interested in joining, find and contact the Supreme Leader Commander Sir [TcO] RELOAD_47. :D

Members include:

(Co-Leader) [TcO] PringlesCan (That'd be me cuz the Supreme Commander is kinda lazy...) ;)



[TcO] Mustafa224

[TcO] p_diponegoro

[TcO] ichbinummer1

[TcO] worthless1 (possibly inactive)


[TcO] kbfan26

[TcO] jaspergor

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