Description: Players never see us coming. We come from The Abyss

Current Youtube channels for squad: NightWielder

Age: 1 month

Rank: 999

Activity: Medium

Squad WarsEdit

Scheduled Squad Wars*: Every Saturday 

  • Pacific Standard Time: 1 pm (about)
  • Mountain Standard Time: 2 pm (about)
  • Cetral Standard Tme: 3 pm (about)
  • Eastern Standard Time: 4 pm (about)

Player InformationEdit

Population: 10-15

Average player multiplayer ranking: 1600

Highest Ranked Player: Red ZL| (almost 1900

Second Ranked Player: |NightWielder| [almost 1800(Check out my recent post my progress reset)]

Third Ranked Person: Source Reserve (almost 1800)

(All 3 above are active on weekends for Squad Wars)

Well everyone hope you can consider joining. If you want to join you have to send me your DOG TAG not your username but your dog tag you can find it is a string of letters and numbers at the top left when you go to your profile.



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