Leader: (SFS)GunFuMaster. Specialty: Specializes in having a different class per person in a battle. Requirements: Must have at least 1.5 KDR, must be at least War Veteran 5. Recruitment: Testing of counter-weaponry skills and loadouts of potential recruits. The Compakt-665 is banned from use in this clan since we do not like being unfair with glitches and overpowered weapons in the game. We use brains, and we do not like the popular "MLG All Aim No Brain" playstylee. Zone Control and Team Deathmatch are what we usually play.

Recruit requirements-

Front Line- 1v1 shotgun and knifing match, Shotgun suggested

Assault- KR-200 1v1 with Manhunt, assault rifle suggested

Support- Warfare 1v1, long ranged assault rifle suggested

Demolitions- 1v1 on Destruction, LMG/AR hybrid suggested Stealth- 1v1 on Team Battle w/ sniper rifles, no quickscoping

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