13:07, July 23, 2017 (UTC)Tonymarma (talk)Special Force13:07, July 23, 2017 (UTC)13:07, July 23, 2017 (UTC)

Introduction: Special Force Is Asian Elite Team On Modern Combat 5 Esports. It's Headquarter Is Located In Bangladesh & Indonesia. Thailand, India Is Proudly Member. They're Perfect Killing Machine Carrying Grinder (Prestige), Verr Power (Prestige). So Be Careful & Watch Your Back. They're Fast As Lightning.
Requirement: 1.Player Must Have 1500 Multiplayer Rating.
2 . Must Join Squad Battle
3. Unusual Activity & Hacking Not Allowed.
4. Respect Your Senior & TeamMate.
5. Join Facebook, For Better Communication.
Battle Timing: Every Night 10 P.M. Indian Standard Time, 10-30 Bangladesh Local Time , 9 P.M. Indonesian Standard Time.
6. If You Have Any Tips Or Tricks To Share Post On Squad Wall.

          :Squad Members:

Name Multiplayer Rating League Country

Tony Marma (Leader) ✓ 1980 + Diamond League Bangladesh

Anik Chakma (Co-leader) ✓ 1774 + Platinum League Bangladesh

Leon (Co-leader) ✓ 1753 + Platinum League Indonesia

DazedPegasus199( Member) 1712 + Platinum League

Rug88( Member) 1712 + Platinum League

Pitaa Ji( Member) 1687 + Platinum League India

Blesswin.indian( Member) 1686 + Platinum League India

Ardit.S( Member) 1684 + Platinum League India

Unknown Username( Member) 1654 + Platinum League

XxPhoenixXx( Member) 1573 + Gold League

4ntigravity( Member) 1561 + Gold League

Abbyshek( Member) 1521 + Gold League India

SorryForKilling( Member) 1509 + Gold League

Players who gets tik mark on right side they're  veryfied & won't leave squad any condition. Other must stay with squad to earn the batch.

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