[LAG] is a pro-gamer team that specialices in elimenate the [H-C] targets.



The clan is made up of some of the best [GPP] GAME PRO PLAYER. Some of this are in anarchy scale:

[LAG]JUANSTREAKER= The best player of the clan, actually have all the medals.(ALL WEAPONS)

[LAG]Vectorweapon= Second best player game of  the clan, actually have 11 medals and the only player that can fly and pass throught the walls(ROCKETS)

[LAG]Abraham99=Third bets player of the clan.The only player that is crazy(VOLKHOV)

[LAG]Julio_Martinez=The only player in the clan that can to shot throught the walls(CHARBETEK)

[LAG]117isaacs= The only player the can to use a (MACHETE)

[LAG]gato666kun=The son of the hell and his brother is (KKK)    ken kaneki kun(soccar)

[LAG]Lobos89=The noob of the team(any weapon)

[LAG]maquaro= The new noob player

[LAG]Erick Mauricio= The [RT] Rat Boy

If you want to get in the clan, please send us an email whit your gamer-tag, the screenshot of your profile and the screenshot while you are playing.


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