We are a group of trained OP killers who can overcome all types of problems. We are one strong group that has players from all over the world. In Mc4 we believe that all that matters is team work and practice. Those are two factors that are present in DVLM, we believe that ranks or prestiges do not matter but our skill and team work is what makes us a clan.

Leaders: (DVLM) Neirax_8980, (DVLM) Izr Izuki_4343, (DVLM) Onyx_9081

Clan weapons: Charbtek, X6 sniper, Ops 65, Kr-200 ,and


- Making kills with Socar and Shoc

- Know how to quickscope

- Have three full perks and loadouts

- Active

- Hackers are not welcomed

To join you must be at least a third green badge and you must have a KD of 0.55 or more.

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