This is home to the Lucky 777 clan. They usually are really challenging to beat. Especially [777]alexlee777 and [777]chrislee777. I think they work in pairs, but that may not be true. They usually play Warefare or Team Battle. By the way [777]alexlee777 is really good with the R780 written by DarkWolf


Tell us what accounts you play on

[777]chrislee777 [777]alexlee777

Replied by the 777 Clan Member/Leader or whatever LOL We do work in pairs. We are all siblings who create the 777 Clan and I am a member :) Our new member, [777]Carolinelee_777 is replying to your comment. I do play with them together and if you have any questions about us, please let us know! I will be glad to hear back from you! Our highest KD from our member is 2.7, mine is 2.17, lowest is 1.7

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