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MC2 BunkerLoad
TerrainCold War-era bunker
ArchetypeLong and medium range fights, with some close range
MissionTo the Summit Pt. 2

Bunker is a DLC multiplayer map available in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus. It was part of a map pack containing two other maps, Battlefield and Shanty Town. The map pack was only released for iOS.


Bunker is one of the largest maps in the game. It is placed in Popovich's Cold War-era bunker, as seen in To the Summit Pt. 2. The time of day is either sunrise or sunset based on the color of the clouds. The map has a very large, wide open area well suited for long range sniper engagements, bordered on two sides by hallways and multiple rooms for medium and close range fighting. This map is excellent for Capture the Flag because of its size and layout.


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