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Breach is a type of a Spec Ops mission featured in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Overview Edit

Breach missions require the player to eliminate all hostiles in a series of rooms after a teammate uses an explosive charge to breach the door and the player's character tosses in a flash grenade to stun the enemies in the room.

After breaching the room, the action enters slow motion and the player has a limited time to shoot the enemies in front of them. After clearing all rooms in a series, the mission is complete. The order of the rooms is selected at random, and Breach missions feature special enemy tyes as described below:

Enemy types Edit

Alert enemies

Enemies who are highlighted in yellow are more alert than others, and will start to attack faster than the other enemies who are stunned by the flash grenade.


Enemies designated with an exclamation mark will attempt to escape from the area and alert the hostiles in the next room. If they escape, the enemies in the next room will be more difficult to engage.

Hostage takers

Hostage takers are holding a hostage in front of them as a human shield. The player must eliminate the hostile before the hostage taker kills him, and without shooting the hostage.


Detonators are holding an bomb detonator in their hand. The player will need to shoot the detonator in enemy's hand before he can trigger the bomb. The bomb will also detonate if the player shoots anywhere on enemy's body other than the detonator.


The player must shoot the exposed power cells on the Executioners' chests before they begin firing on the player.

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