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The Bosk 3 is a submachine gun featured in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

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Bosk 3
MC5-Bosk 3
TypeSubmachine Gun
Likely based onMP7
40~ (Flash Hider)
Rate of fire480~ RPM
Magazine size35 - 38 - 40
Starting ammo9 magazines
Reloading1 - 2 seconds
Fire modeAutomatic
Unlocked10 blueprints
MC5-Bosk 3-hud

The Bosk 3 is the Tier 5 submachine gun of the Recon class. The weapon features one of the highest damage outputs among SMGs along with the Bramson, coupled with a strong rate of fire. It is also one of the few SMGs besides the Krube-37 capable of equipping a grip to improve accuracy, giving it a relatively high effective range for a SMG as well as great hip fire accuracy. To top it off, the Bosk also boasts a large magazine size of 35 rounds by default, and up to 40 rounds with an extended magazine.

The Bosk 3 is generally performs best when hip-firing, and with a decent grip attached, one can hip-fire continuously up to close-medium ranges and still be effective. When firing while aiming down the sights, the Bosk has an omni-directional kick, though ADS is still recommended at long range.

Overall, the Bosk 3 is the most versatile weapon in the class. and is is one of the most popular SMGs in higher-league gameplay due to its impressive Time-to-kill, amazing accuracy and good range.

  • High damage output
  • High rate of fire
  • High accuracy and ability to equip grip
  • Great hip fire accuracy
  • Second-longest effective range of SMGs (besides the Vosk 4)
  • Good mobility and handling
  • Highest mobility among submachine guns
  • Fast reload
  • Omni-directional kick while ADS
  • Shorter effective range than assault rifles

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