• WizardLord160

    MC5 Tips and Tricks

    January 21, 2016 by WizardLord160

    Ever wondered how to get better at the game? Or barely began playing and want to know the basics? Well, you have come to the right place. 

    First thing, you have to choose your suitable class and weapon. There are 5 classes (I won't be discussing about Bounty Hunters) currently with 7 unique weapons for each. So think...what type FPS gamer are you? A run-and-gunner, berserker, an unseen enemy, a CQC and explosive expert, or do you just want to help out your team? Each class also has a special skill tree. 

    Do you like running and shooting your enemy at the same time? Do you like being swift and fight at close-mid range? You might want to be a Recon. They focus on hit and runs and exposing enemies. They equip SMGs and pistols. Their skills incl…

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  • EndZone45

    Combat Tips for Modern Combat 5: Blackout. Better late than never.

    • I recommend playing on a higher sensitivity, as Recon players can strafe at running speed while shooting with one of the skills in the skill tree.
    • Avoid aiming down sights at close-range - it will decrease your sensitivity and your reaction time will be greatly slowed.
    • When a noob has broken out an LGR 35, always stay as far away from the user as possible.
    • Always go for headshots - a single headshot can end a gunfight very quickly.
    • When facing a team of campers, and when all in a building, cook a high-damage grenade, like the Nail grenade, and throw it inside. You will likely kill all of them if aimed correctly.
    • If trying to traverse longer distances, switch to your pistol - but…
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  • EndZone45

    Guide - Shotgunning

    February 25, 2016 by EndZone45

    Some tips for using shotguns:

    • Always get as close as you can to your enemy.
      • Be sure to equip mobility-enhancing perks so the above process is much easier, like +10% Movement Speed and its upgrades in MC2, Athlete in MC3, Athleticism in MC4
    • If you are sneaking up behind a group of enemies, be sure to ensure that you kill the player at the back of the pack first, or you will be shot from the back and likely killed.
      • Always make sure you get a one-shot kill when you take down one enemy in a pack with semi-auto and pump-action shotguns. With full-auto shotguns, just hose 'em down and spray the ever-living f**k out of the pack. Make sure you have a large enough magazine.
    • Use Stun grenades in MC3 and MC4 to immobilise enemies and get close to them.
      • In…

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  • Ysbert

    Guide - Sniping

    May 9, 2014 by Ysbert

    Some tips for using sniper rifles:

    • After killing an enemy or three, move to another spot.
    • Cover your back with turrets, mines, sensors etc.
    • Use suppressors to be stealthy. This is especially helpful if you are in a spot where nobody would see you. Missing the first shot in this case is not such a big problem as when you would miss the first shot and everybody knows where you are.
    • Be patient. They will come...
    • If another sniper spotted you, never sit still. Make unexpected moves and take as much cover as possible.
    • Aim with your left thumb while holding your other thumb close to the fire button.
      • You can also use the move pad to aim by walking to the left and right.
    • Use tear gas grenades to make aiming easier.
    • Practice quickscoping. It won't work at …

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  • Ysbert

    Guide - Grenades

    May 9, 2014 by Ysbert

    Some tips for using grenades:

    • ALWAYS cook explosive grenades, unless your target is at a large distance. This removes the time the enemy has to react, and it can hit enemies without letting the grenade even touch the ground.
    • Throw flash grenades through doors and windows, not in open field.
    • Use incendiary grenades to block paths.
    • Walk forward while throwing to throw further, and backwards for close encounters ;-)
    • If you are good with grenades, use he Grenade Belt perk.
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  • Ysbert

    Guide - Manhunt

    May 7, 2014 by Ysbert

    Some tips for playing Manhunt (Team Manhunt in Fallen Nation):

    • Use offensive Military Support like air strikes and artillery strikes only when the enemy has the flag. There is a chance that the support will hit the flag carrier, especially when the enemy team hasn't got many members.
    • Use supportive military support like satellites or recon aircraft when your team has the flag.
    • There are two main tactics:
      1. Staying on one strategic safe point and have your teammates covering you (many players online don't get this idea).
      2. Keep on the move. This is a good strategy when there are little players as the few players will have to chase you. Don't forget to take cover and look back sometimes.
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  • Ysbert

    Counter-Sniping In MC5

    October 14, 2015 by Ysbert

    Counter-sniping is a tactic used a lot in modern combat(real life combat). It is generally used when a squad or platoon is pinned down by an enemy sniper. There are many advantages to counter-sniping, like the friendly sniper can give directions to the squad, and they can act as additional eyes and ears for the sniper. There are also many different tactics for counter-sniping, like the 'sniper detector' system which determines different things about the enemy sniper, like the type of bullet that was used and the trajectory of the bullet. There is also the sound delay of the bullet and the gun.

    Counter-sniping in Modern Combat 5 can be very difficult to do, mainly because you need to stay in one spot for awhile, and that's a dangerous thing …

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  • Kevin3798

    Tips and tricks

    April 14, 2013 by Kevin3798

    Tell me some stuff to put here!

    This is a page to put in tips and tricks

    • The TAC2 grip does NOT decrease accuracy. Accuracy is based on recoil. ALWAYS choose the TAC2 grip it's a direct upgrade with no movement loss.
    • The reload of the Tygr X3 will not shake the screen if theres no grip.
    • The SOCAR-S A1 is possibly the best assault rifle now.
    • All explosions go through EVERYTHING.
    • The iPad users (me) get a HUGE hipfire accuracy increase possibly because it's harder to use (actually much easier to find enemies).
    • All Submachine guns have more range than the UFIA PSD-2 and the Compakt-665. (50m compared to 42m)
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