Icon mcv
AbilityMutant Grenade
Alternate actionTarget Snap

Blaze is one of the twelve Agents in Modern Combat Versus. He is one of three elite agents along with Ronen and Monark. the weapon he uses is a flame thrower. his lvl1 health is 1500 which goes up from level upgrades. His class is attacker.

Weapon Edit

the beginning damage per shot is 24 per hit which doesn't seem like a lot but it has a lighting fast fire rate and even after you are done firing, the fire has an after burn. the weapon has a capacity of 30 Flames

Uses: (1) Spray and pray (the flame have a wide radius and needing to reload is rare). (2) sneak up on enemies and fire for a bit then run away while letting the after burn finish them off. Edit

Ability Edit

Blaze's ability is the mutant grenade. the ability costs 7 energy. It's is a grenade that does a lot of damage on the initial blast and during the main explosion multiple mini grenades come out which do a bit more damage.

Uses: (1) quickly clear a control point of enemies. (2) get rid of a group of invaders trying to take the point. Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Blaze is on the game icon.
  • Blaze was known as Bee-BQ on launch.
  • Blaze was nerfed in the first Mcv update

See also Edit

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