Icon mcv
Icon Attacker Attacker
AbilityBlaze-ability Mutant Grenade
Alternate actionTarget Snap

Background Edit

Crazy town, burn town, burn it down! My safe words--they center me. The ramblings of a disturbed mind, right? Can't argue with that! Crazy town, burn town, burn it down! Was I born this way or am I the product of a society where being "normal" means following one arbitrary cause after another--like, are you a Korp sheep, or are you an OCTO sheep? "Octo-sheep"...heheheheh... That's a good one. Moving on! As I was saying, I'd REALLY rather set the sheep on fire...

Crazy town, burn town, burn it down! Being an automatic charismatic eccentric with a questionable fashion aesthetic doesn't always mark you as the most THREATENING merc on the field... (You need a box helmet? I got a box helmet!)... But at least it lets 'em all know you're having fun out there! People LIKE fun! And my flamethrower is a lot of fun! And so is burning things with flamethrowers!

...Heh. "Octo-sheep". Classic.

Description Edit

Blaze is one of fifteen Agents in Modern Combat Versus. He is one of three elite agents along with Ronen and Monark. The weapon he uses is a flame thrower which leaves a burning effect. His starting health is 3750 which goes up from level upgrades. He is of the Attacker class.

Ability Edit

Blaze's ability is the mutant grenade. the ability costs 8 energy. It is a grenade that does high damage on the initial blast and during the main explosion multiple mini grenades come out which do a bit more damage.

Uses: (1) quickly clear a control point of enemies. (2) get rid of a group of invaders trying to take the point.

Quotes Edit

When selected Edit

  • "You like me? You really like me."
  • "Take a long, good look! Uh, eyes up here, mister."
  • "Don't I feel like the belle of the ball!"
  • "Oh ho! Is it my birthday already?"
  • "Ta-da!"
  • "I put the "fun" killing!"

When deployed Edit

  • "Hey, boys and girls... Daddy's home!"
  • "Oh! I know! Let's play hide-or-you-die!"
  • "I haven't been this happy since my first homicide!"
  • "Shh, I'm visualizing my objective! ...Ah, OK! Let's go!"
  • "I haven't felt this alive since I was abandoned!"

Respawning Edit

  • "I'm a bit of a slow learner."
  • "I don't wanna be dead, and you can't make me!"
  • “Aah, oops.. I’ll get ya next time!”
  • "It's my turn to be it, so you better run!"
  • "I have a 3 inch canister in my pants, and I'm not afraid to use it!"

Killing an enemy Edit

  • "Aww... The little fella's tuckered out! Heh heh... And dead."
  • "Oh, night-night, baby! Don't let the maggots bite!"
  • "I missed you! KISSES!"
  • "Ahh! You liked that, don't you?...Dirty..."
  • "Hoho, I LIKE you when you lie still."
  • "Mm, I'll have a side of BEANS to go with my roast! Hee hee!"
  • "Huh? Is that three? Yes!"
  • "They keep comin', I keep killin'! Ha ha!"
  • "Triple kill! So fun!"
  • "Four down! Oh, what fun!"
  • "And they said I'll never achieve greatness! Dicks."
  • "Are you guys even trying? Ha! Sad."
  • "One! Two! Enjoy some BBQ!"
  • "What number comes after four? I just killed that many!"
  • "BBQed five enemies!"
  • "I'm on fire! Oh no, wait, that's you."
  • "I'm on, a killin' spree! Killin' spree! Woo!"
  • "BBQ for president! Tell all your friends!"

Activating ability Edit

  • "Ahh, grenades. Who doesn't love explosions?"
  • "I'll make the baddies extra crispy!"
  • "Ready! Aim! Perspire!"
  • "Ha ha! Listen to my symphony of booms!"

Victory Edit

  • I've always dreamed this day would come!"
  • "Yeah! I'm on top of the world!"
  • "Group hug! ...Anybody?"
  • "I've couldn't have won this without my mom and dad's neglects! ...And abuse."
  • "Tell me about the fabulous prizes I've won!"

Defeat Edit

  • "I'd rather eat nails. Mmm...nails..."
  • "Oh no...That monster in my closet is going to be so pissed!"
  • "Well that went really well!... If you enjoy masoschism!"
  • "Just, gonna walk away. Don't wanna get any "loser" on me."

Other Edit

  • "I always dreamed this day would come! Hello, beautiful! (Jingle Blaze trailer #1)
  • "Heh heh, hi. Come closer! I wanna whisper in your ear... Ha! Jingle farts!" (Jingle Blaze trailer #2)
  • "Oh, yeah! Ha ha ha! Check this out... Yeah, you like it!" (Prisoner Blaze showcase)

Skins Edit

  • Default
  • Jingle
  • Prisoner

Trivia Edit

  • Blaze is featured on the game icon.
  • Blaze was formerly known as Bee-BQ.
  • Blaze was nerfed in the first update.
  • If Blaze is killed before he could throw his grenade, it drops where he died.

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