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> For the utility helicopter in Zero Hour, see US utility helicopter.
> For the utility helicopter in Blackout, see GSC utility helicopter.

The Black Hawk[1] is a transport helicopter that appears in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

Black Hawk
Based onSikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk
RoleTroop transport
OperatorsUnited States Army

Operation BlockbusterEdit

> Main article: 01: Operation Blockbuster.

It was first seen in the mission Operation Blockbuster, about 12 of these were flying soldiers to the battlefield, one in particular was Echo 9, which was transporting Pvt Colt, Pvt Kelly, and Corporal James Walker. It was piloted by an unnamed pilot. After all passengers reached their LZ, it flew around to the side of the building to provide cover for Anvil 1.

After Avil 1 retrieves the intel, it waits for Echo 9 to transport them back to base. Colt boards first, with the help of an unnamed soldier. As he lifts Kelly off the roof, the helicopter is shot down by a KPR soldier, killing the pilot, Pvt Colt, and Pvt Kelly. It begins to spiral out of control, crashing into the floor beneath, in flames.

At the end of the mission, Anvil 1 is evacuated by Alpha 6, another helicopter.

Chaos Factory Edit

> Main article: 08: Chaos Factory.

The helicopter is used to extract Phantom Unit after the team took out the Kolodny Weapons Factory in Siberia. The team is not seen boarding the helo.

Raging Bird Edit

> Main article: 09: Raging Bird.

An unnamed helicopter of Hawk 2 covers Bravo 1 during their trip through Pakistan.

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  1. Its name is mentioned in the intro of Raging Bird

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