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Battlefield is a multiplayer map in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus. It was released April 12, 2011, along with two other maps, Shanty Town and Bunker.

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus Edit

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LocationEastern European mountain
ArchetypeEqual short, medium, and long range
MissionTo the Summit Pt. 1

Battlefield is a large map sourced from the immediate beginning of the campaign mission To the Summit Pt. 1. It is located on a snowy, remote Eastern European mountain at either sunrise or sunset. It takes place next to a Cold War-era bunker that is surrounded by barbed wire, trenches and various barriers. The map involves three main sections.

One side of the map includes the bunker, which players can enter a portion of. Directly inside, the player will find a few barrels, lit flares, crates, and a small set of stairs. At the top, the windows are boarded up, and a tubular hall runs off to the side for a very short distance, which is a popular spot to hide. Past the tubular hall is a small set of stairs leading downwards and outside. Close range gunfights are common inside, particularly during Capture the Flag, as this is the location of the Army flag. Directly outside is a large open area filled with an array of barbed wire, metal barricades, and a tank. Conflict here is usually at mid to long range.

In the middle of the map are a small network of trenches that connect both sides of the map. The bunker side of the map has three entrances to the trenches, while the camp side has two. This forms a natural choke point, as players are forced to traverse one of the two paths at some point. This is especially critical in Capture the Flag. Short range engagements are extremely common here, but there is also an area with a long line of sight that snipers sometimes take advantage of, despite being a vulnerable target.

On the other side of the trenches lies another large open area similar to that on the bunker side of the map- there are barricades and barbed wire, with the addition of a burnt out helicopter fuselage. Just beyond this, and at the extreme edge of the map, are two tents that suggest it might be a camp. Right in front of these is the location for the Resistance flag. Without any sort of close quarters, this side of the map is better suited to mid and long range engagements.

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Beginning at the bunker side of the map

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