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The Aresk-07 is a sniper rifle that appears in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

ASIX‑338   Norbok‑38   Aresk‑07   Rod‑94   E24 SASR   IMP‑S   BSW 77   Dread Eye   Vice    
TypeSniper Rifle
Likely based onRemington MSR, M2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle
Rate of fire54 RPM
RangeVery high
AccuracyVery high
Magazine size5 - 8 - 10
Fire modeBolt-action
Unlocked3 Blueprints

The Aresk-07 is the Tier 3 weapon of the Sniper class. It is the first bolt-action sniper rifle unlocked, featuring the second highest per-shot damage of all sniper rifles, beaten only by the IMP-S. Compared to semi-automatic sniper rifles, it takes noticeably more skill to use due to the exceptionally slow rate of fire, however it features higher mobility (with upgrades), and in the hands of an experienced sniper can prove more versatile.

Due to its exceptionally high stopping power, it is a very popular sniper rifle, although difficult to use for inexperienced players. It is capable of killing in one shot on most occasions - with possibly a 100% chance with the flash hider or recoil booster wherever the bullet hits the enemy. This makes the Aresk a popular rifle among trickshotters, as its bolt-action nature makes it more exciting and powerful than a semi-automatic.

  • Very high damage damage
  • Large one-shot kill area
  • No damage drop-off
  • Inconsistent performance from the hip
  • Slow rate of fire
  • Rather small ammo clip (5 rounds)
  • Low handling characteristics
  • Outclassed in most areas by the IMP-S and the BSW 77

Trivia Edit

  • The weapon originally had a very low damage output, but was considered underpowered. After two hotfixes by Gameloft, it can kill with one shot (when using the Flash Hider).
  • The weapon's damage statistic can potentially be confusing, as with attachments, semi-automatic sniper rifles like the Rod-94 may read as statistically equal in damage, but deal less damage-per-shot in practice, as this does not take into account body damage multipliers which apply to the Aresk.

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