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Ammo Pack is a skill in the Demolition specialization for Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

Ammo Pack
MC4-Ammo Pack
EffectIncreases the quantity of ammo carried by 50% for Grenade Launchers.
CostMC4 Cost 10,000
[[category:Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Demolition Skills]]
Increases the quantity of ammo by 50% for all the launchers.
—In-game description

Ammo Pack sits alongside Grenade Belt in the second-tier skill category. When equipped, this perk will increase the number of grenades that the player can have for the launchers by 50%, meaning that players will now have access to 5 grenades rather than the normal 3. This perk is very useful should the player want to create a grenadier class, and also for denying enemy movement. It also can be helpful for game modes like Capture the Flag and Zone Control were larger groups of enemies are more predictable to pinpoint. A good primary weapon is needed, however. The SOCAR-S A1, Charbtek-28, or Compakt-665 would be good choices, as all the three weapons have potent stats across the board,

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