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Al-Akrab Logo
AppearancesModern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
TypeTerrorist group
EngagementsFallen Nation Incident
ActiveIn Pakistan before and during MC3

Al-Akrab is a terrorist group and a second, though minor, enemy faction in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.


Al-Akrab's past is mostly unknown. During the mission Blood Sand, Washington mentioned to Walker that they captured Edward Page while he was still in US Special Forces. After killing some guards, he joined them, turned against the USA, and became the man he is now. This could also mean Al-Akrab has had conflicts with the US before.

Known membersEdit

  • Edward Page - used Gurdal to initiate the KPR cyber attack on the US. His status in the militia is unknown.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

After Phantom Unit's success at the Kolodny Weapons Factory in Siberia during the mission Cold-Blooded, intel was gathered that cyber attacks on the USA came from Gurdal, a remote village in Pakistan, and that one of the leaders of the KPR, Edward Page, was hiding there. Phantom Unit and regiment of US Rangers were deployed to Gurdal to attempt to prevent more attacks on the USA. Al-Akrab and KPR military forces engaged in a battle with the US forces- though the presence of Al-Akrab soldiers is never mentioned, it is implied (see Trivia below). After shooting down Hawk 2 with Carter (the player in Raging Bird), Phantom Unit fought to and destroyed their Anti-Aircraft weapon to provide safe air support for the US soldiers.

Al-Akrab and KPR forces were guarding Edward Page in a building where he took the role of a sniper, catching the attention of the US forces. Walker managed to reach Page and capture him with the help of Downs.

What happens to Al-Akrab after the battle is unknown.

Equipment Edit

Assault rifles
Submachine guns
Light machine guns



Fixed Gun Placement


See alsoEdit


  • While it is not directly revealed to the player, Al-Akrab soldiers' appearence in Raging Bird and Blood Sand is possible due to the fact that Edward Page joined them, and Al-Akrab flags appear everywhere in Blood Sand.
  • In multiplayer, Al-Akrab soldiers are playable on the map Divide, but are labeled as K.P.R.

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