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The ASIX-338 is a sniper rifle that appears in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

ASIX‑338   Norbok‑38   Aresk‑07   Rod‑94   E24 SASR   IMP‑S   BSW 77   Dread Eye   Vice    
TypeSniper Rifle
Likely based onAX338
Rate of fireVery high
AccuracyVery high
Magazine size10
Fire modeAutomatic

The ASIX-338 is the Tier 1 sniper rifle of the Sniper soldier class. It has the highest rate of fire of all sniper rifles, however has a low damage output. Its lack of armor penetration also make make it a less viable option in higher-tier multiplayer matches where opponents often wear higher-tier armor. Overall, the weapon's performance is akin to that of a battle rifle such as the Charbtek-28.

  • Very high rate of fire compared to other sniper rifles
  • Higher-than average mobility and handling
  • Fast reload
  • Low damage per shot for a sniper rifle
  • No armor penetration

Trivia Edit

  • The ASIX-338 is the successor of the X6 .338 from Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. However the weapon changed from a high-damage, bolt-action rifle to a low damage, automatic one. It's unknown why Gameloft decided to do this.
  • When reloading this weapon, the player still has to cycle the bolt.

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